Enlightened bodywork is what we do and what we teach.

Have you ever wondered why one massage is "better" than another?

What makes the difference?

Some say it's technique, education, experience.  Without question those things play a part.  But in my experience, what makes a great massage is presence.  When your massage therapist is truly present, it upgrades the quality of the service by leaps and bounds.  Anyone can learn a massage routine and administer a good massage.  But a great massage is quite another thing. 



It is our goal at Enlightened Bodywork to make every session a deeply profound experience.  You will know that your issues have been heard and addressed.  We have a different standard of excellence at Enlightened Bodywork.  Our name says it all.  Each of the practitioners at Enlightened Bodywork has been trained as an Intuitive Healer by founder Lynne Kasal.

Lynne has been a bodyworker since 1990.  For more than 20 years she has strived to uplift the quality of her own work by studying with master teachers from all over the world.  With over 20 years of education and experience, Lynne's unique style of healing bodywork is unsurpassed. 

Lynne's work includes all standard types of massage including Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue.  She also does amazing work with Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Tui na, and Qi Gong massage. 

Lynne is also a master at Aquatic Bodywork.  She has been trained in and practices Watsu, Healing Dance, and Waterdance.

If you've never experienced aquatic bodywork, don't miss this one of a kind experience!


"I've never felt so peaceful or relaxed in my life.  What an amazing experience!" - Sherrie, Seattle, WA